Over the last thirty years, Coach John Fontes coached with, against and for some of the most notable coaches in the game in the top programs garnering top achievements. Click here for more information.

The trials, tribulations, sacrifices and successes that Coach Fontes went through in each football realm essentially gave him the best ‘gift’ a coach can obtain and very few do. The gift to give back to the youth, the future leaders of our world. The ability to guide, motivate, relate, inspire and truly teach, not just football, but life-lessons, is a passion that drives Coach Fontes to be the role model that he is today.

Coach Fontes makes a concentrated effort in youth development. Beginning these last few years, he mentors/coaches through invitation-only elite-youth football camps across the country. Coach John Fontes is passionate about making a difference in each student-athletes life. Teaching each young man the insight of what it takes to make it to the next level on the field, in the classroom and as a future leader.